Leopold's Indictment

Leopold's Indictment

County Executive John Leopold was indicted Friday on four counts of misconduct in office and one count of fraudulent misappropriation of county money.   The indictment contains a number of appalling allegations that Mr. Leopold used county employees for political work and personal errands.  But what I find absolutely outrageous are the claims that he required our professionally-trained police officers to wait around during sexual trysts in parking lots and to empty his catheter!  And with all the serious problems facing our county, it is pathetic to think that John Leopold could have been spending his time slinking around stealing my signs.  If these charges are true, Mr. Leopold is not fit to hold office and should resign immediately.

Mr. Leopold will be arraigned on March 26th.  In all likelihood, the trial won’t begin for quite some time.  In the event Mr. Leopold is convicted of any of the five charges, the County Charter says his office “may” be declared vacant by an affirmative vote of five or more members of the County Council.  And if that happens, the County Council would have 30 days to appoint a Republican replacement.  Unfortunately, we’ve seen just how poorly that process works as the Council remains deadlocked on appointing a replacement in Council District 1.

What a mess.

Have you had enough? Join my “We The People” army to restore integrity, fairness and the fix-the-problems-now mentality so sorely missing from the top levels of Anne Arundel County government today.   Let's start working together now to create the effective future government we deserve.

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