Press Release: Conti Announces Fundraising Results

Conti Announces Fundraising Results

ANNAPOLIS (10/25/10): Joanna Conti, the Democratic nominee for Anne Arundel county executive, announced today that she raised $95,335 in the campaign reporting period ending Oct. 17, 2010, almost quadruple the $25,294 John Leopold raised during this period.  Since she entered the race last October, Conti has raised $338,458, more than triple the $96,879 John Leopold raised during this period.  
“My fundraising results show two things:  my campaign continues to gain momentum and voters want change,” says Conti.
In other news, a recent poll conducted by Anne Arundel Community College found that a surprisingly-high 32% of voters had not decided who they would vote for in the county executive race less than three weeks before election day.  “With the recent lawsuit against Mr. Leopold alleging sexual harassment, discrimination and retaliation, it is no surprise that the survey found that ethics and morality are the top issues voters say are influencing their decision making,” says Conti.
Joanna Conti is running on a platform of “no more politics as usual” and has promised to restore integrity to the county executive’s office.
      2010 Annual Campaign Finance Report (8/30/210 through 10/17/2010)
Joanna Conti:
         Receipts:        $95,335           Number of Donors:          242

John Leopold:
         Receipts:        $25,294           Number of Donors:          52



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