Press Release: Conti Criticizes Leopold for Playing Political Games

Conti Criticizes Leopold for Playing Political Games

Annapolis (9/30/10):  Joanna Conti, Democratic nominee for county executive, criticized Leopold for holding up development in the West County area for political reasons.

"Leopold put the comprehensive zoning process and other zoning legislation on hold this spring to avoid having to make any controversial zoning decisions prior to the election," claims Conti. "This delayed many projects for most of the year, including the potential opening of the Imagine Global Village School in West County. Putting his reelection considerations ahead of the good of the county is exactly the sort of 'politics as usual' that voters are sick of."

Leopold claimed he vetoed legislation last Friday to build 1,600 homes and shops near Fort Meade, because it "skirted the comprehensive zoning process." The County Council used a procedural amendment to approve the zoning change, which they were told the Arundel Gateway developer needed prior to December 31, 2010, to maintain financing. "Leopold vetoed the legislation, because it skirted the comprehensive zoning process that he himself had put on hold," added Conti. "His veto adds insult to injury."

Joanna Conti is the Democratic nominee for county executive. Conti is running on the platform of "no more politics as usual," promising to restore integrity to the county government and to tackle the big problems facing Anne Arundel County.

By Authority of Conti for Our County, Charlene B. Weston, Treasurer

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