Leopold Overturns Will of Council and Voters

March 10, 2011

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Leopold Overturns Will of Council and Voters

The County Council voted 7-0 on Monday to release themselves from the obligation to fund an arbitrator’s decision on police and firefighter compensation, but required County Executive Leopold to include the arbitrator’s recommendation in his budget.  Yesterday, Mr. Leopold used a line item veto to pass the bill as originally written, ridding both the Council and himself of any requirement to fund an arbitrator’s decision.

“Now that the arbitrator’s decision is binding on no one but themselves, our hard-working police officers and firefighters have lost their ability to bargain effectively,” said Joanna Conti, the 2010 Democratic nominee for Anne Arundel County Executive.  “Leopold’s action also is an affront to county voters, 78% of whom supported the right of public safety personnel to binding arbitration in 2002.”    

“By using a line item veto to pass the bill while rejecting the amendments the Council fought hard to add, County Executive Leopold has emasculated the County Council,” added Conti.  “One can only hope that at least five members have the courage to stand up to the County Executive and overturn his veto.  Otherwise, Mr. Leopold will run roughshod over this Council for four long years, and the people of Anne Arundel County will pay dearly as many of our best employees leave to work somewhere where they can count on being treated fairly,” said Conti.  


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