Press Release: Conti Accuses Leopold of Misuse of Taxpayer Dollars

Conti Accuses Leopold of Misuse of Taxpayer Dollars

Annapolis (10/29/10): Democratic County Executive candidate Joanna Conti voiced concern today over the misuse of taxpayer funds by County Executive John Leopold.  On Wednesday, WBAL-TV 11 investigative reporter Jayne Miller reported that Mr. Leopold has three different county vehicles assigned to him, one of which is parked at his girlfriend’s house.  
“There is no excuse for Mr. Leopold to have three different vehicles and to spend more than $125,000 a year on security personnel when our police department is underfunded and our county is in a financial crisis,” said Conti.  “Our County Executive should be serving as a model of frugality, not using multiple gas-guzzling vehicles and police officers to transport him around."
Contrary to the County Executive office’s claim that one SUV is a back-up for the other, the Conti campaign claims they have seen both SUVs at events on several occasions.  When WBAL questioned Leopold’s office about the sedan assigned to him, they were inaccurately told it was in a county garage when it was, in fact, parked in front of his girlfriend’s townhouse.
Joanna Conti is the Democratic nominee for County Executive.  Conti is running on the platform of “no more politics as usual", promising to restore integrity to the county government.

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