Congressional Coverage

Press Coverage of Joanna's 2004 Congressional Race

The Denver Post was one of three papers who endorsed Joanna for Congress.  On 10/17/04, the Post wrote "Joanna Conti is a fair-minded and outgoing businesswoman who would represent all residents of the district" and "We'd have a hard time endorsing Tancredo over someone of Conti's caliber". 

On 10/6/04, the Aurora Sentinel also endorsed Joanna, calling Joanna "A commanding woman guided by strong ethics" and concluding "This bright and energetic candidate offers solid solutions to the real problems facing America". 

The Castle Rock Daily Star endorsed Joanna on 10/31/04, saying "Conti ... is a very moderate Democrat who has been endorsed by business and holds a wealth of knowledge about many issues including immigration, health care, education and others.  Her reasoned and well thought out positions align her much more with the general public".  [Editor's Note:  It appears this newspaper has gone out of business.]

In an in-depth profile on 10/20/04, the Denver Post quoted Alliance for Youth Achievement board member Tom Arnold as saying of Joanna, "She's smart, she's focused, she's motivated by wanting to do the right thing".   Author Tama Kieves, who first suggested Joanna run for Congress, was also quoted:  "Everybody likes to think about helping the world, solving big problems, but not many people walk out of their living room and do it.  Joanna does."

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