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 Joanna Conti Withdraws From County Executive Race

When you start on a multi-year quest, you don’t know what obstacles life will throw in your way.  Unfortunately, several challenges have come to a head in my life recently, and I need to withdraw from the County Executive race and focus on the needs of my husband and family.
It has been a pleasure and privilege to meet and work with so many terrific people during this journey.  I want to give my heartfelt thanks to everyone who joined with me to try to change the future of this county by taking a leadership role in my campaign, donating money, or volunteering their time.  I have been truly blessed by your support! 

I plan to continue to be involved in efforts to improve our schools, clean up our rivers and help local nonprofits as time permits.  In the meantime, I will be returning the unspent funds in my campaign account to those who so generously supported my campaign.  

Joanna Conti

February 19, 2014




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Joanna Works For You!

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Nick Berry:  "I have never met a candidate                Bishop Coates: "The African-American
who spends as much time researching                       community needs a leader ... who
& understanding our issues"                                      cares about our issues"


Why Joanna Is Running For County Executive

I have been a problem-solver who develops innovative, low-cost solutions to complex problems all of my professional life.  As your County Executive, I will use these skills to make beautiful Anne Arundel County an even better place to live and work. 

After my 2010 campaign for County Executive, I realized I cared so deeply about the challenges facing our county that I wanted to continue to devote my time to solving them.  I have been active in a number of areas since then.  On the educational front, I first served as Chair of the Citizen Advisory Committee to the Board of Education and then helped found and now Chair the Parents Advocacy Network, an independent group of parents working on projects to improve our schools. 

Additionally, with the help of stellar volunteer board members and Capital One Bank, I founded Anne Arundel Cares (www.aacares.org) to help local nonprofits provide better services to our many neighbors who are struggling.  I’m pleased that Anne Arundel Cares has raised over $115,000 for local nonprofits since it launched in September, 2012.

I have also invested a substantial amount of time in researching innovative ways to improve public safety, bring more jobs to the county, clean up our rivers, restructure our developmental process and cut government spending.  As we get closer to the 2014 election, I will share my detailed recommendations for how to cost-effectively achieve these objectives.

A good illustration of how I approach solving problems is my response when county firefighters shared their concern that it often takes too long for ambulances to respond to medical emergencies.  After requesting the data on 14,439 ambulance calls made during the 4th quarter of 2010, I learned the county was nowhere close to meeting national response time standards.  Digging further into the data, it became apparent that a key part of the problem was that it was taking too long to notify firehouses of where an ambulance needed to be sent. 

While national standards call for ambulances to be dispatched within 60 seconds of a 911 call 90% of the time, we were doing so on only 3% of our calls.  I realized that we could shave one to two minutes from our ambulance response times if the call-taker routinely dispatched an ambulance as soon they knew where it was needed rather than waiting until the end of the call.  Learn more here.  While it took almost two years due to intransigence by the Leopold administration, Fire Chief Michael Cox and his team have now cut dispatch times by more than half by implementing this simple, no-cost process improvement. 

If you share my love for Anne Arundel County and believe the county needs an innovative problem-solver at its helm who really cares about the challenges you face, please support my campaign by donating to my campaign or letting us know how you would like to volunteer to help.  Thank you very much!



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