Press Release: Conti Announces Nine-Point Plan for Anne Arundel County

  Conti Announces Nine-Point Plan for Anne Arundel County

Annapolis (10/4/10): Joanna Conti, Democratic nominee for Anne Arundel County Executive, today announced a nine-point plan for putting the county’s fiscal house in order, tackling the big issues facing the county, and running a government of which citizens will be proud.
In her plan, Conti pledges to spend her first year cutting spending to eliminate the current deficit; restoring integrity to county government, and restructuring the planning and zoning process.    She then plans to turn her attention to tackling the other major challenges facing the county, including creating more jobs, strengthening our schools, improving public safety, and cleaning up the Chesapeake Bay.  

“As a businesswoman with a history of getting things done, I’ve learned how crucial it is to set and measure performance against specific goals,” said Conti.  “I think voters have a right to know my priorities and plans for the county.”  Conti promises to issue a report card each December showing the county’s progress toward the nine goals and asks, “If I’m not getting the job done, please throw me out in 2014!”
Conti recognizes that several of the goals, such as meeting Maryland’s 2020 Total Maximum Daily Load pollution targets early, will require more than four years to achieve.  “Rather than set watered-down goals that aren’t as meaningful, I have laid out my long-term vision for the county,” says Conti.  “If elected, my commitment to citizens of Anne Arundel County is to create a strong economy with tens of thousands of new, well-paying jobs, safer neighborhoods, rivers clean enough to swim in, and student achievement equal to the best in the state.”  
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